Conference Day One: Tuesday, 9 October 2012

08:30 Registration and Refreshments

09:00 Opening Remarks from the Conference Chairman

Dr. Jock Harmer
Technical Director
Galileo Resources Plc

Investments and the rare earths and minor metals market over the medium term

09:15 Rare Earth deposits: an African perspective

  • Where and how are Rare Earth deposits formed: a summary
  • The geology and mineralogy of African REE deposits
  • African REE projects in perspective: how do they compare to the rest of the world? have we found them all?

Dr. Jock Harmer
Jock Harmer Consulting

10:00 Crystal ball gazing: Critical rare earth fundamentals

  • Who has a price? Predicting speciality metals prices to 2017
  • Understanding market fundamentals: the principal drivers of speciality metals demand
  • Projects in the pipeline worldwide, and their consequences for African projects
  • Heavy RE vs. light RE and the consequences for investment and for juniors
Lara Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Core Consultants

10:45 NETWORKING: Morning coffee and speed networking

To maximise the interaction opportunities at this event, we will be running a speed networking session. Delegates will be able to discuss rare earths & minor metals issues on a one-on-one basis with speakers and sponsors in an informal environment. Bring plenty of business cards to make the best use of this opportunity to get your ideas heard and your critical questions answered.

11:30 End-users of the speciality metals

  • Understanding the industrial supply chain and procurement lifecycle of the rare earths and speciality metals: differences between prime- and sub-contractors
  • What relationships end-users are looking to build with mines
  • Dealing with procurement departments

Paul Nex
Senior Geologist
Umbono Financial Services

12:15 The potential to turn Southern Arica in a speciality metals powerhouse

  • Why I’m bullish about Africa’s potential as a rare earths and technology metals powerhouse
  • The long-term market drivers of the technology metals: choosing winners on market fundamentals
  • Pricing the technology metals over the medium term
  • Hot spots ready for exploration and production in Southern Africa

Jack Lifton
Technology Metals Research

13:00 Lunch

Rare earths project updates

14:00 PROJECT UPDTE: The Wigu Hill Rare Earth Project in Tanzania

  • The project basics: defining the resource and continuing exploration
  • Making progress on mining the already-defined resource while continuing to define a larger resource
  • Refining the material into saleable Rare Earth products realising the first-mover advantage of the first companies to get into production
  • Strategy to fast-track the project to mining and production

Dr. Tony Harwood
President and Chief Executive Officer
Montero Mining

14:45 PROJECT UPDTE: Zandkopsdrift in South Africa

  • The Zandkopsdrift project fundamentals: 950,000 tonnes TREO, with the highest grade HREOs of advanced deposits outside China
  • The results of the Preliminary Economic Assessment
  • Where is the project now? Progress on the Pre-Feasibility Study, and preparing for the Definitive Feasibility Study in 2013
  • Progress on processing: the engineering design

Phillip Kenny
Frontier Rare Earths

15:30 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

Tantalum in Africa

15:45 Tantulum mining in Ethiopia

  • Tantulum: what it is, what it’s used for and its market fundamentals
  • The Ethiopian Mineral Development Share Company’s tantalum mining operation and associated challenges
  • Challenges in processing tantalum - comparing rare earths
  • in Africa: prospects and opportunities

Dr. Zerihun Desta Zeleke
Chief Executive Officer
Ethiopian Mineral Development Share Company

16:30 Closing Remarks from the Chair